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Brushing the Fur


All of our prices are based on the dog having a bath, blow dry and style nails are included in the price

Bath and blow dry (short hair) includes nails, face feet and bum

dog under 10kg £25

dogs 10 - 15kg £30

dog 15kg -20kg £35

dogs 20kg and over £40

Bath and dry (long hair) includes nails, face, feet and bum.

dog under 10 kg £30

dogs 10-15 kg £35

dogs 15-20kg £40

dogs 20kg and over £50

Full grooms (from) dog that get clipped

dogs under 10 kg £48

dogs 10 - 15 kg £50

dogs 15kg - 20 kg £54

dog 20kg and over £60

Puppy introductions (these include bath, blow dry face feet and hygiene area) from

with puppy introductions they will treated kindly, and we will only do what they will allow us to do.

Dogs under 10 kg £30

Dogs 10-15kg £35

Hand stripping (this is the art of pulling out the dead coat which doesn't hurt the dog) from

If for any reason your dog does not tolerate this then will will advise you of the best solution to achieve the desired look.

Dogs under 10kg £45

Dogs 10-15kg £55

Dogs 15-20kg £65

Dogs 20kg and over £75


Nail clipping (this is a walk in service Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)


Each dog is individual and we will work with your dog to ensure its welfare and health. Each dog does have a health check in which we take notes so then we are aware of any issues for future grooming. if we notice anything untoward that needs veterinary attention we will let you know either when we spot it or when you collect your dog.


Anxious Dogs ( dog that are fearful of being groomed or have had a bad experience)

This will be by appointment only, your dog will need to build its trust up with us in the first case so this may involve numerous trips to us so we can socialise with them and treat them before we undertake any grooming on them. These appointments are either 830 am on Saturdays or on Mondays in the afternoon when we are not open to the public. These session will be charged at £20 per half hour which we limit to half hour sessions until we feel that they are ready to be groomed. This process can often take months but if we can work together we can build a good relationship with you and your dog. If for any reasons we are unable to help you we will advise you to seek veterinary help.

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