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Ruth Goddard

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My name is Ruth Goddard, I have been grooming for 10+ years and I have been teaching for the past 8 years. I have lived in the south of England all of my life. I have a Parson Russell Terrier named Lola who I took on when I was a dog walker, she is a cheeky little girl who does have some issues, but I would not change her. I would very much like a Bedlington or a Griffon Bruxellois. Throughout my life, I have always wanted to work with animals especially dogs! I was the girl who bought clippers and groomed the family Yorkshire Terrier called Lady, bless her I could do anything to her. Once I finished my applied Biology Diploma, my life went in the total opposite direction, from being a manager of a cinema, to delivering lorries and fixing vans, until I got myself a job as a dog walker, I then moved to Winchester which saw the start of my new future, I walked, cared for and dog sat for many years before I was given the opportunity to learn how to groom. I enrolled into the local college dog grooming course, this was the start of my life! I completed my C&G Level 2, and decided to further my experience before completing Part 1 of the Dog Grooming Diploma, having gained my complete diploma, I also have other qualifications on the way, Level 3 in Training and Education, Certificates in Canine First Aid, Basic Cat Grooming, Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition. I am currently undergoing my Telling TTouch Practitioner’s Course. My ethos is to teach students to be the best that they can, to treat dogs like they are their own and to also understand the dog from the signals it is giving you. I take pride in the fact that I have been a great influencer to many students I have taught. A person I very much look up to (and I am rather short!) is Julie Harris (dog groomer, judge, educator), her knowledge on dogs and grooming is outstanding and one day I hope to be just as knowledgeable. I attend many seminars and courses to expand my experience thus improving my knowledge to my students which makes for much better learning. Every day is a school day!


Lorna Baumel

Assistant Dog Groomer

Lorna has been working at Able Groomers for over 5 years. She is amazing at caring and handling animals. She has recently started her education on becoming a qualified dog groomer. She is an important member of Able Groomers.

In her spare time she paints portraits of owners pets. which you can have a look at her work on

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